How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing?

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Earning money from Affiliate Marketing is very easy but it is very important for you to have complete knowledge of Affiliate Marketing.

If once you learn to earn money from affiliate marketing, then you can earn from ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 every month with the help of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic and rewarding online plan of action that has changed the manner in which organizations advance and sell their products or services. In this performance-based marketing methodology, affiliates procure commissions by driving traffic or creating sales for the shipper. With affiliate marketing, individuals can become independent entrepreneurs by utilizing their online presence, like sites, social media platforms, or sites, to advance significant products or services to their crowd. By cooperating with legitimate affiliate networks, advertisers get an extensive variety of affiliate programs, empowering them to procure automated revenue and possibly scale their organizations. It’s a mutually beneficial collaboration where affiliates can monetize their impact, and shippers can grow their scope and boost sales.

In this post, we will know what is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, can anyone earn money from Affiliate Marketing, know in detail about it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you understand affiliate marketing in simple language, then it is such a work in which we work with a person or company to promote and sell its product or service.

Affiliate marketing is mainly done online, for this reason, in affiliate marketing, the work of promoting the product and selling the product is also done online.

Affiliate marketing is such a work in which we work to promote a product or service online. When someone buys a product or service from the link promoted by us, then we get a commission on it.

You can also call this commission affiliate income. One of the best examples of this is a link to a product promoted by YouTubers, which they give in the description of their video.

That link is a link to an affiliate product, so if you buy that product or service with the help of those links, then YouTubers get a commission on it.

How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

The easiest way to earn money from affiliate marketing is to join a company or person and promote its product or service online.

You can earn money by selling their products and services online with the help of your website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

If you sell a product or service by doing affiliate marketing, then you get a commission on it and that commission is your real earning.

Affiliate marketing commission depends on the price of its product and service. The product you are selling. If its price is high then you will get more commission on it but if the price of the product or service you are selling is less then you will get less commission on it.

If we look at the difference of commission between Product or Service, then the commission is available on the highest service, but the commission is very less on the product.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

There is no limit to earning commission from affiliate marketing. Because this work is such a work in which the more product and services you sell, the more commission you will get.

Let us understand this with a small example, suppose you have a small shop. In which you buy and sell the goods of many companies.

Here you have to buy the goods of companies, after that you sell them and after selling those products, you earn some money.

In the same way, you earn commission by selling other person’s products in Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing, you have the biggest advantage that you do not have to buy that person’s product or service first.

You simply promote their Service or Product and if their products and services are sold through your promotion, then you get a commission on that.

People who have five 5,000 friends on their Facebook page and people who have 5,000 followers on their Instagram account, earn approximately ₹ 10,000 every month from affiliate marketing.

This is a small amount, if you work hard, you can earn from ₹ 30,000 a month to ₹ 1,00,000 a month or even more.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

The easiest way to earn money from affiliate marketing is to join a company or person and promote its product or service online.

Affiliate Marketing work is done online, so when you do Affiliate Marketing work for a company or person. Then that person or company gives you an Affiliate Link, with the help of which link if any person buys any product or service.

Then that company comes to know that the product/service has been bought from Affiliate Link and after that, the company deposits the fixed commission on the product and all the services in that person’s account.

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you have to promote the product or service of any company, now to promote you must have either a website or a blog, or a Youtube channel.

If you do not have this, then you should have 5000 and more friends on Facebook or you should have a Facebook page that has 5000, 10,000, 20,000 likes or you have followers in your Instagram account.

It means to say that you should have an audience in front of which you can sell the product or service of Affiliate Marketing. The more audience you have, the more products and services you can sell and the more Affiliate Commission you can earn.

With the help of an example, let’s understand that suppose you have a Facebook account and nothing else, so now you try to add more and more friends to your Facebook account, let’s say you have 5000 friends in your Facebook account. Have passed.

Then you can share your link to Affiliate Marketing Product or Service on your Facebook profile.

Let’s assume that you are doing Affiliate Marketing of any Amazon product, then you can share the link of that product on your profile and write in it that this product is running on such a commission.

If a person likes that product, he will buy it and a commission will be deposited in your account as soon as he buys the product.

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

There are many different Affiliate Marketing Networks for Affiliate Marketing in India, out of which we are sharing the list of some major Affiliate Marketing Networks with you below.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Shopclues Affiliate Program
  • Godaddy Affiliate Program
  • eBay Affiliate Program

You can earn money from any one of the programs given above, but we will learn about how to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program out of all these.

How do earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

To earn money from the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, you must first join the Amazon Affiliate Program, for which you must first register by visiting the Amazon Affiliate Program website.

And then after that, you can earn commission by generating an Amazon product link from your account and sharing it on your Website, Blog, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Instagram Account.

To join the Amazon Affiliate Program, go to the website given below and create your account there.

  • First, open the website of the Amazon Affiliate Program, then log in with your old Amazon account.
  • After login, a form will appear in front of you, fill it, and with this, you will join the Amazon affiliate program.
  • Now you can create a link to the product by going to your Amazon Affiliate account.


How much commission do Amazon affiliates make?

Amazon affiliates typically earn commission rates ranging from 1% to 10% of the total purchase price, depending on the product category. However, specific commission rates can vary and may be subject to changes by Amazon.

How to make money with affiliate marketing on Amazon?

To make money with affiliate marketing on Amazon, you can follow these steps:
Sign up for the Amazon Associates program.
Choose a niche and select relevant products to promote.
Create a website or blog with quality content related to your niche.
Drive targeted traffic to your website through SEO, social media, or advertising.
Embed affiliate links in your content and encourage visitors to make purchases.
Earn commissions when people buy products through your affiliate links.

Do you need 500 followers for Amazon affiliates?

No, you do not need a specific number of followers to join the Amazon Associates program. Amazon does not require a minimum follower count. However, some affiliate networks or programs may have their own requirements, so it’s essential to review their guidelines for eligibility criteria.

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